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Relationship Counseling

I have a passion for Relationship Counseling. I have success with couples when they consistently work through their issues with me in our sessions. Each week, each partner in the couple, accepts more responsibility for their part in the relationship. During the week, they experience new ways of relating to each other, using the tools that they have learned from our sessions.

Betrayal in a relationship is a in Crisis for a couple. When a partner is first made aware of Infidelity this is many times a shock, leaving them numb and in disbelief. Their emotions shift from anger to sadness to alternate clinging to their partner for hope. Many times the process of working this through in therapy requires daily sessions for the first week.

Just like the caterpillar that does not know it will someday transform, couples can go through a process where they realize this betrayal was a signal of something drastically wrong in their relationship. They can heal and Empower their Relationship to thrive. Their Relationship is then transformed.

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